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Ear Coffee (blog)

Album Review

For many, the image of the traveling folk singer is one that evokes a level of romanticism in your mind, a road-worn troubadour that tells you stories of love, loss, and what's beyond your small worldview. For David Huss, his time abroad in college playing gigs in Australian bars, and working as a fisherman in Alaska have set him up to be that ideal 21st-century folk troubadour, and this is all reflected into his debut album Intuition.

Ear Coffee Podcast 


For this episode of the Ear Coffee Podcast, Joe interviewed David Huss to discuss his debut album Intuition which was released on Friday, September 13. They talked about the album's themes of love and those tough life decisions you need to make in your 20s. If you love gorgeous, heart on your sleeve folk music, you'll love this album. 

Divide and Conquer (blog)

Abum Review

I love an album that demands your attention right off the bat. That’s the way I felt when listening to Intuition by David Huss. The opening track “Shelikof” blasts off with a beautiful mix of Celtic and Americana overtones. Suffice it to say the entire album had my attention. Huss creates music as he explains “are inspired by introspection and personal transitions in life and are written with an optimistic perspective.” That sounds about right and I would have arrived at the conclusion without having read it.

Radio Play (2019)

Radio Hot Sheet

List of radio stations across the United Stated and Canada that have played tracks from David's debut album 'Intuition'