Minneapolis, MN

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Buckle up fans, family, and friends! David Huss and his band The Headwaters have just released their long awaited debut album, 'Intuition'!
'Intuition' is 10 tracks of upbeat indie/folk - full of bright melodies, soaring violin solos, and echoing choruses (along with a choir of horns to tie it all together) - the album blends the structure and feel of new folk with hints of rock and Americana all built around the strum of an acoustic guitar.
The band consists of David Huss on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Lara Solveig on violin and vocal harmony, Wesley Miller on the drums, Danny Gilles on the keys and harmony and Noah Cameron on the bass. 
Catch the band at any of their upcoming shows to hear 'Intuition' performed live!



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Minneapolis, MN