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Campfires - an ode to Northern Minnesota

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

'campfires' is one of the more whimsical songs on the album. It's bright and upbeat with recurring melodies and lyrics that paint a picture of a night spent around a campfire. Here is a quick telling of the tale that inspired the song...

My family has this tiny log cabin in the middle of a pine forest in Isabella, MN. The cabin is about as rustic as it gets; the closest neighbor is miles away, we use propane lights instead of electricity, and to top it off, it has a beautiful outhouse instead of an indoor toilet. Isabella gets several feet of snow most winters and one winter a friend joined me and my family for a weekend trip to the cabin. At some point during the weekend we had the idea to build a snow fort away from the cabin and we planned to sleep in it that night. We dug down to the ground level, brought our cots and sleeping bags from the cabin, started a fire outside the fort and hunkered down for the night. I didn't sleep a wink. On top of being frozen to the bone, after a few hours of trying to sleep, wolves started howling all around the fort. They weren't close enough that we felt in danger but they were close enough to keep me wide awake long into the night, their howls ringing in my ears.

Since that wonderful night there have been countless campfires shared with friends and family all around the great state of Minnesota. Each one has it's own story and the song 'campfires' goes out to them all.

You can find the song 'campfires' wherever you like to listen to music!

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while waiting for campfires to release I drew this doodle - not quite good enough to serve as cover art but I think it captures the essence of the song

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