Horizon - a seasick sailor's song

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Alexa and I were in our apartment in Thailand and I was strumming around on the cheap guitar I had bought at one of the malls nearby. I had the melody and the chords down for a song and I was searching for a phrase to match the tune, when I remembered a line I had written months before that was inspired by a picture I had taken of Alexa. The picture was of Alexa sitting at the stern of a ferry going from Phuket Thailand to Koh Phi Phi Island, and the line I wrote with the picture was... - 'that subtle line between the sea and the sky. She keeps me steady'. The line fit the melody so well that I had written a chorus and few verses in a matter of hours. Here are the inspirations behind the verses!

A well known trick when you're on a boat is to watch the horizon line to avoid getting seasick, the idea being that if your eyes have something steady to follow you are less likely to become dizzy. A lot of my time in Alaska was spent working on boats, I never got seasick to the point where I was was throwing up, but I came close to it enough times that I always had my eyes glued to the horizon.